A brief history of the Building

St John’s Church began life in 1908 as a Mission Church in the Parish of Black Bourton.  It was rebuilt in 1963 as a dual purpose hall/church and developed again in 1994 with a new extension and worship area. It had its own minister in the 60’s and the vicarage was built in 1962. Another phase of building was completed in 2010 to extend the church yet further by adding a small kitchen, a catering kitchen and storage.

2013 has seen the completion of further renovations and improvements funded by a grant from the MOD’s Community Covenant fund. Through this help we have been able to put in a new acoustic ceiling in the Hall, a comprehensive fire-alarm system new automatic exterior doors, new protected ramps to enable safer access and a new corridor linking the foyer to the worship area.

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the completion of the brick built St John’s. It is now the Hall because the worship area was completed 20 years ago. Without the generosity and sacrifices made by Carterton people over the years, none of this would be here for us today and for those who come after us.

The Town Council gave a grant which covered the cost of new lighting in the Hall. This consists of LED panels which are integral with the ceiling panels and are both smart and effective. There is three times the light which is well distributed and the electrical input has been halved.

We are grateful for the financial help we have received from all sources and seek to make the building as available as possible to community groups especially where members of HM Forces and civilians can meet and interact.

2014 saw the Golden Jubilee of the older part of our building and we celebrated this in style.

Below we intend to place a slideshow showing some of the work that has been done. We are keen to find pictures of the old “Tin-church”.