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Main Telephone Numbers

Church Office  Land line 01993 212661 (answerphone). The Church Office landline is not manned, and diverts to voicemail.  This is checked on a regular basis, but there may be a delay in getting back to you.  If you are able, please use the form below and use “Office” in the Who do you wish to contact field.

For all pastoral or ministerial matters, please contact the clergy below.

Team Rector:  Rev Drew Tweedy (tel: 07393 182093)

Team Vicar:  Rev Ian Howard 

Associate Priest: Rev Barry Hanson (tel 07949 654988)

Assistant Curate: Rev Katie Welborn (tel: 07881 818782)

Licensed Lay Ministers: Lyndsay Baker (tel: 07783 650793) & Billie Tweedy (tel: 01993 845216)

Children & Families Worker: Wend Smith (tel: 07492 925602)

Pastoral Care: Carol Howard (tel: 01993 837677)

Churchwardens:  Alison Brown (tel:  07966 405687);  Allister Holt (tel:  01993 209227)

PCC Secretary:  Linda Wooloff  (tel: 01993 840133)

Ideas, comments and contributions welcome for the website. Please use the form below. If you have pictures please let us know and we will contact you.

Postal Address: The Church of St John the Evangelist, 6 Burford Road, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3AA

Or use the form below:

This form can be used to contact Drew (Team Rector), Ian (Team Vicar), Katie (Curate), Barry (Associate Priest), Lyndsay (LLM), Billie (LLM), Carol (Pastoral Care), Gary (Children & Families Worker), the Office, the Wardens, or leave messages regarding the Newsletter or Bookings

    BOOKING EVENTS…please use the form above using “Bookings” in Message for field. Enter the title of the event you wish to book in the subject line. Thank you.

    The Church office is not currently staffed regularly, except Monday mornings when volunteers come in to pay bills.  If you have a claim for expenses or a bill that the Church should pay, please make sure it is left in the church office by then.

    If you would like to publicise an event in the monthly newsletter, please leave in the Church office or use the form above, using “Newsletter” in Message for, before midday on the last Tuesday of the previous month. 

    Church Office – please use the above form using ‘Office’ in the Message for field.

    We are also to be found on – just type in Carterton  or OX18. This gives an advance calendar of events.