What’s on in June

1st: Repair Café (10.00am-12.30pm)

5th: Coffee, Cake & Chat (10.00am-11.30am)

8th: Church Family Breakfast (8.30am)

9th: Morning Worship Service will include a dedication of the new Royal British Legion Standard

12th: INSPIRE (2.00pm—4.00pm)

16th: Gifting Day—This service will include an opportunity for the congregation to donate towards the cost of installation and upgrading of our out-dated radiant hall heaters. We would encourage everyone to give generously towards the massive outlay this will incur now, but to the overall end-benefit of a reduction in the church’s energy costs and the environment.

19th: Coffee, Cake & Chat (10.00am-11.30am)

22nd: Death Café (10.00am-11.30am)

26th: INSPIRE (2.00pm—4.00pm)

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