Warning: think twice

Twisted Toys campaign Sharebear is the cuddly companion who just loves to share. He wants to know your favourite colour, your best friend, your immigration status, sleep patterns, sexual preferences, the economic indicators of where you live and every other data point that can be exploited for profit. What a cutie! And don’t worry, he doesn’t keep your secrets in his little head. Your data is shared and used by billion dollar tech companies!
 Did you know that 100% of the largest 12 social media companies with the most worldwide active users track your location data?

72 million data-points will be collected on a child before they turn 13 years old and, in 2019, 76.04% of the most popular web pages for mental health information contained third-party trackers for marketing purposes.

We are allowing our children and grandchildren to be the subject of a vast social and economic experiment: the strip mining of their personal lives for commercial gain. 

The Twisted Toys campaign videos, out this week, share these shocking statistics in a powerful new way. The website is well worth a look. 

As Bishop Steven has pointed out, no other agency across the Thames Valley has a greater opportunity for engagement with children, young people and families than the Diocese of Oxford.

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