Living in Love and Faith

General Synod has backed a trial of special services asking for God’s blessing for same-sex couples.The suite of Prayers of Love and Faith (PLF) will be formally commended before the end of the year for use in existing church services. A pathway for taking the prayers through a process of commendation under Canon B2 will begin in the coming months probably after the February Synod. This will involve referrals to Diocesan Synods.The House of Bishops will consider making standalone services available on a trial basis.The Pastoral Guidance will be refined and issued in the coming months.
“That this Synod, conscious that the Church is not of one mind on the issues raised by Living in Love and Faith, that we are in a period of uncertainty, and that many in the Church on all sides are being deeply hurt at this time, recognise the progress made by the House of Bishops towards implementing the motion on Living in Love and Faith passed by this Synod in February 2023, as reported in GS 2328, encourage the House to continue its work of implementation, and ask the House to consider whether some standalone services for same-sex couples could be made available for use, possibly on a trial basis, on the timescale envisaged by the motion passed by the Synod in February 2023.”
Bishop Steven responds on an in-depth interview with Premier Christian Radio about Living in Love and Faith in the Church of England following General Synod. 
Click to listen to +Steven’s Premier Radio interview

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