It’s time to empty the box!

It’s been a year and a half since most of us have returned our Children’s Society boxes and IT’S NOW TIME.  Over the month of April please bring your box into church, you don’t necessarily have to be attending a service, a big basket is in the back of church, please place your box in there on a Sunday morning between 10 – 12 when the church is open or a Thurs am. If a service is actually in progress, you could leave your box in the foyer if you prefer, and it will be added to the others and locked away in the office at the end of the service.

I understand that many of us haven’t been using cash over this last year, please don’t worry about that, we would still like your box in for emptying, as I always say, every little helps.  We do have some very generous supporters within the church, and cheques made out to The Children’s Society are always welcome, but please don’t feel any obligation at all. 

The Children’s Society have a good website, and they have adapted and reached out to children and young people during this pandemic like no other time. Many charities have experienced a decline in their giving during lockdown and at a time when they are needed more than ever. For this reason we are encouraged to be mindful of them.

Giving through the boxes has been something which we have done corporately as a church over many years, and I am so grateful to everyone for your support.  This is something we do together, and it does make a considerable difference to children and teenagers in this country.

Boxes can be left in my front porch, if you know where I live, or give me a call and I’m happy to come and pick up your box, my number is on the bottom of the box (Tel: 841069).  Thanks everyone, and remember all the pennies really do add up, so if your box has got something to shake in it, let’s shake rattle and roll all the way back to church!

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

 Linda Cox                                                                       

 7 April 2021

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