COP26 Determined to be hopeful

The COP26 Climate Conference with world leaders begins this weekend in Glasgow. Although the Chancellor’s speech yesterday failed to mention the climate crisis and delivered budget announcements that many feel are taking us in the wrong direction, we are determined to be hopeful.

Bishop Olivia (Suffragan Bishop of Reading) spoke about the budget announcements and COP26 with Premier Christian Radio earlier today. Take a listen here.
 “The government is playing games with the sums on the aid budget… the money available is less than we think it is.”

“As Christians, we have a responsibility to speak out. These are spiritual issues.”

“I’m going to be a praying presence at COP26 and will be taking part in panel discussions. I hope that reasonableness and sensibleness breaks out… developing countries need our support to ensure a green path to their development.”

“God created the world and loved it and made it good. He gave us as human beings the responsibility for caring it. And we have a mandate to look out for our neighbours as ourselves. We need to put our money where our hearts are.”

Listen to the full interview with Bishop Olivia
Praying for COP26 Bishop Olivia is attending the conference and joining a range of events including speaking on a joint Faith Panel, which will be livestreamed here at 1:30pm on Monday
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