Covid-19 adjustments

New Guidance for Worship Services at St John’s Carterton

Dear Friends,

As you are probably aware, the Government has cancelled almost all legislation concerning the coronavirus pandemic. In response to this change, the Church of England has delegated decisions about how we will now operate to the Incumbent of each parish, so the buck stops at my desk.

At the same time they have reminded us that the virus is still at large, potentially dangerous for some people, and that we are all responsible to and for each other. We are called to be especially mindful of the more vulnerable among us, ‘whose suffering is our suffering’ (1 Cor 12:12-27).

Having consulted with the PCC, Churchwardens and my fellow Ministers, I have decided to continue with a fairly cautious and gradual unlocking of restrictions.

• We are keeping the chairs in blocks of four with a gap between each set, and we ask that you respect each other’s space.

• Communion will be distributed at the altar steps in a socially distanced way with a one way systemin place (you will be guided!)

• Mask wearing is optional.

• The 8.00 Communion, still just on 2nd Sunday of the month for the time being, will take place in the main worship area using the main altar.

Yours in Christ, Rev Drew Tweedy, Team Rector

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