A blessing

Gary has written a blessing that you can pray for everyone in our benefice:

Heavenly Father, we take upon ourselves the mantle of authority that Jesus delegates to us and in His Name we speak to every household in Carterton and Brize Norton and say: We bless you in the name of the Lord.

In the name of Jesus, we bless every person in these areas: your life, your home and your family with all the blessings of the mighty God who planned you and created you.

We bless you that you may prosper in every part of life and God’s plans may be realised in your lives. May you know, health, prosperity and fruitfulness in the work of your hands.

We bless St John’s and St Britius Church and other places of Christian worship to grow numerically and spiritually. May the Holy Spirit and the Word of God flow out together from you in power bringing kingdom life. We bless everyone in these parishes that they may be convicted of sin, righteousness and judgement and know the love of God. May they come to salvation by grace through faith.

We bless your marriages that they may be loving, forgiving, merciful, patient, faithful and strong.

We bless your families and friendships that they may be wholesome, healthy and strong.

We bless every intergenerational relationship within each household that there may be peace, love and understanding flowing between each one.

We bless those who live alone and are lonely that they may know the companionship and peace of Jesus.

We bless your health that you may be strong and well. In Jesus name we resist any sickness or disease which seeks to invade these parishes and to every person we say “be well, be strong and be healthy.” To any who are sick right now we say bless you in Jesus name with a speedy recovery. Especially we want to name. We bless you all in Jesus name with healing and wholeness.

We bless all who live and work in Carterton and Brize Norton, that the overspill of the blessings of the presence of the Kingdom of God may fall upon you. Amen

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